Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Pegasus Resources is a well-funded private company focused on acquiring mineral and royalty interests in proven oil and gas resource plays, specifically the Permian Basin. The company is backed by a $300 million commitment from EnCap Investments, one of the nation’s premier energy investment firms.

Led by a team of established leaders in the business, Pegasus has the experience and expertise to source, evaluate, negotiate, and close acquisitions providing value to mineral owners, investors, partners, and stakeholders.

We understand that relationships are the core of our business. No matter how big or small the acquisition, we pride ourselves in always acting with integrity, honesty, and transparency. That is the Pegasus way.

  • George M. Young, Jr.

    Chief Executive Officer

    George M. Young, Jr. has a long and successful history of developing companies and building value. Recently, Mr. Young served as a founding partner and CEO of Silverback Exploration, LLC; he currently serves as an advisor and investor in Silverback II. Additionally, Mr. Young has served as president and co-founder of Collins and Young, LLC, where he was instrumental in assembling more than 100,000 acres in the core Barnett Shale, negotiating a joint venture with Chief Oil and Gas, and ultimately monetizing the position.

  • Will O. Rodgers

    President and Chief Operating Officer

    Will Rodgers has worked alongside George M. Young Jr. for almost a decade. He most recently served as vice president of Collins and Young, LLC. Additionally, Mr. Rodgers was vice president for Wolf Exploration. Prior to Collins and Young, Mr. Rodgers was an investment manager at SACM, where he served as a member of the firm’s investment committee and oversaw $1.5 billion in assets.

  • Lynn J. Frank

    Chief Financial Officer

    Lynn Frank has been a finance professional for nearly 15 years, primarily within in the energy industry. Most recently prior to joining Pegasus, he was the director of finance for Black Stone Minerals, L.P. (NYSE:BSM). During his more than five years at Black Stone, Mr. Frank played a leading role in the successful IPO of the largest mineral company in the U.S. Additionally, Mr. Frank led a finance team responsible for managing banking relationships, strategic planning and budgeting, commodity and interest rate hedging, and internal reporting.

  • Don H. Collins

    Vice President of Land

    Don Collins has a long history as a land, mineral, and royalty acquisition and management professional. Most recently as vice president of land for Collins and Young, LLC, Mr. Collins was instrumental in assembling and managing more than 100,000 acres in the Barnett Shale region. Mr. Collins also served as a managing member of Fort Worth-based Mamoka Resources LLC, where he was responsible for the acquisition and management of producing and non-producing minerals, royalties, and overrides throughout the United States.

  • Cass H. Rogers

    Vice President of Operations

    Cass Rodgers has worked with the team at Collins and Young, LLC for nearly six years. While at Collins and Young Mr. Rodgers was responsible for deploying new projects and maintaining legacy assets. Additionally, Mr. Rodgers was part of the Wolf Exploration team. During his tenure with Collins and Young and Wolf Exploration, Mr. Rodgers was instrumental in the development, execution, and management of a myriad of different projects ranging from land acquisition and management to manufacturing and software development.

  • Ted Collins Jr.


    Ted Collins Jr. is a pioneer in the oil and gas industry, with nearly 55 years of experience developing and managing various companies. As co-founder of Collins and Young, LLC, Mr. Collins worked with George Young to assemble an interest in more than 100,000 acres in the Barnett Shale, primarily in a joint venture with Chief Oil & Gas, which ultimately resulted in a significant monetization. Additionally, as president of Collins and Ware, LLC from 1988 to 2000, Mr. Collins purchased Permian Basin assets for $60 million and in less than a year turned the position into a $170 million valuation through drilling and well workovers.